Note 1: Under R.S.A. § 25-127, if a city or municipality is more than 4 miles from the county seat, the Clerk of the Supreme Court may authorize a clerk of a city or town of the county to issue marriage licenses. For each payment made in person at the court, a receipt will be issued; The receipt issued by the court is your proof of payment. A « deferral » means either (1) deferring payment of fees to a later date or (2) creating a payment plan with the court. (1) The court will defer payment of the fees to a later date if there is evidence that: A « waiver » means that the court has determined that you, the plaintiff, are not obligated to pay the fees, unless your financial situation changes over the course of the case. For example, the court usually grants an exemption if the claimant proves by affidavit with supporting documents (such as letters of claim) that he or she is receiving SSI benefits. (2) The court will generally grant a monthly payment schedule if there is evidence that: If you are a party to a dispute and you need to file a complaint or response, serve pleadings, or issue a subpoena or subpoena, you are responsible for paying the state filing fee and costs at the filing office or online (if you use e-filing). as stated in the Arizona Statutes. If you are unable to pay the government fees, you can request a deferral or exemption from court fees.

For more information on local court filing fees, fee exemption and deferral procedures, and form criteria, see Courts are advised to charge the Supreme Court a minimum fee of $27 for « soliciting notice, filing of documents or performance of an action for which no specific fee is provided by law » to convert an existing marriage into a federal marriage. Payments are accepted in the form of cash, certified cheques, business cheques, money orders or credit cards. Please note that personal cheques are not accepted as a method of payment. Payments in coins must not exceed $5.00, the coin must be packaged and display the name and phone number of the payer. When paying by credit card, the account holder must be present. To make payments, click on the image(s) below and follow the link(s): or call toll-free (844) 310-0743 Fines, Fees, Refunds (FARE) Case Search A $35.00 fee will be charged on all checks returned to us for insufficient funds and will be forwarded to the Gila County Attorney for collection.

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