We advise 40% of the 200 largest art dealers listed in the ARTnews Top Collectors publication, as well as many of the world`s leading collectors. We have been involved in a number of the most well-known issues of recent times, including the controversial « Canyon » case and the Richard Prince litigation. We work with international galleries and museums. Working for many of the world`s most successful people and cultural institutions means that much of what we do is confidential. But it`s fair to say that our relationships with our clients provide us with industry expertise that is not matched by most other law firms. « One of the first companies to create its own unit for art and cultural goods. Karen Sanig has long been a leader in the field of art and cultural heritage. She has a great knowledge of the art market and works for many collectors and dealers. She achieves excellent results thanks to an engaging and pleasant way, but if the situation requires it, she can be very tough and an impressive opponent. Amanda Gray has successfully earned a reputation as a leading art lawyer.

Like Karen, it`s great to work with her, but she also has the ability to be steel when needed. Moisan Legal P.C. offers a wide range of services to artists, curators, private collectors, galleries and art writers covering the world of visual arts, commercial arts, design and advertising. The firm regularly advises visual artists and creative companies working in a variety of media, including digital mapping and projection, fiber art, and photography. New York, New York. ARTLAW: ARTLAW was born from the merger of the law firms JBLM Avocats and Anne Boissard and is the result of the common goal of its founders to create a pool of expertise dedicated exclusively to the media and creative industries. Paris, France. Mung Legal: In addition to art due diligence, art escrow and private art sales, they have represented artists and art galleries in their commercial contracts, in litigation, advised on charitable donations and art auctions, participated in artistic research in traceability and due diligence, and represented consulting firms in the structuring of companies. Hong Kong. The Centre maintains an ongoing list of law firms with art law practices and groups. Law firms are listed below by geographic region: Art Law Practice: Unlike other lawyers and law firms, this firm is the first team of cultural monuments and art lawyers in China to focus on cultural heritage and art law services and is at the forefront of the cultural heritage art law industry.

Shanghai, China. It is a very international company and an important presence among the intermediaries of art. Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP advises its clients on all legal matters relating to the acquisition, storage and sale (by sale, gift or invention) of fine art and rights in works of art. The firm`s clients include artists and their estates, art museums, art collectors, art dealers, art experts, and family foundations established by artists who own art or are otherwise active in the art world. New York, New York. Mark Stephens CBE heads the department of Howard Kennedy LLP, which advises museums and public collections, galleries and dealers, as well as public arts organizations, charities/foundations, and collectors. Other important clients are artists and estates, photographers, photo libraries and very wealthy individuals. His expertise covers all aspects of art and cultural property law, from contract drafting and negotiation to litigation and dispute resolution. Some of the main types of work she is involved in include advising on the recovery of stolen and looted works of art and cultural property, as well as estate planning for artists and collectors.

Stephens also conducted a significant number of cases related to looted works of art. Daniel McClean is also highly respected. Various members of the Middle Eastern royal families and very wealthy individuals. We advised an art collector who was sued by a buyer and his representative with Sotheby`s. The plaintiffs sought termination of the purchase contract, reimbursement of the purchase price and/or compensation for the damage suffered, on the grounds that the statue was a posthumous occupation and not a lifelong occupation. We got a settlement for our client and, in the end, the parties agreed amicably. We advise executors and estate beneficiaries on the tax implications of charitable bequests. We recently received criticism of a painting that was once left at a gallery under a will to assess the size of the additional cash inheritance that would need to be paid to a charity for the estate to qualify for the reduced estate tax rate of 36% – which applies if 10% of an estate remains for a charity. The reduction in inheritance tax may benefit the remaining taxable beneficiaries.

Following the alleged theft of nine old master paintings from a European art gallery, we represented insurance insurers in an art fraud case that led to a successful settlement. Julian Smith; Rhoddy Voremberg; Peter Wienand; William Charrington Payne`s group Hicks Beach LLP advises individuals, trustees, art dealers and charities. He is particularly adept at advising on tax, title and deposit matters for private art owners as well as cultural heritage land and buildings. Other strengths lie in the advice on urban planning laws that apply to classified luminaires if they are protected by monuments. The team also has extensive experience in managing high-quality private art collections, as well as solving public access/parole issues. James Bacon leads the team, which is also adept at advising on title disputes and recovering misappropriated items. Rosamond McDowell is also recommended. Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP works with galleries, art institutions, organizations and societies, critics, foundations and private collectors.

They advise clients on legal matters arising from the creation, acquisition, storage, consignment, disposition and lending of works of art and antiques, including matters relating to certification, title and provenance, copyright, commissions, art fairs and cooperations, financing, real estate, travelling exhibitions, private sales, auctions and insurance. New York, New York. Wilson Elser: With the myriad of transactions related to art and collectibles, wilson Elser`s art law team is uniquely positioned to handle contracts and related issues. They also advise clients through due diligence and possible litigation and assist in the creation, collection, submission, collection, preservation, transportation, storage or other handling of works of art. New York, New York. Schellenberg Wittmer`s art and entertainment group is made up of specialists who advise and support art institutions, collectors, artists, galleries, art dealers, auction houses, art fairs, conservators, art shippers and insurers, as well as customers in the entertainment sector. Zurich, Switzerland. « Experienced team in the art world that gives you as a client confidence in advice. Fred Clark is excellent, very knowledgeable and responsive. This summer, Boodle Hatfield is thrilled to support the Tusk Trust for the Tusk Lion Trail 2021 – a global celebration of African lions and the people who live with them through extraordinary works of art.

« Gregor Kleinknecht has established himself as one of the leading practitioners in the field of art and cultural heritage. He is an exceptionally competent lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the art market and all aspects of art-related litigation. Eleni Polycarpou – Head of Art in the UK; Diana Wierbicki – Global Head of Art Law, advising Arts Council England on her role in providing the government`s £1.57 billion Cultural Recovery Fund (the government`s repayable funding programme to help the arts and culture sector recover from the Covid-19 pandemic).

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