And I have this one; The lamps are located in Section 4 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), some of the most important extracts in terms of auxiliary lights, fog and off-road are summarized below. It is recommended that you take the time to read the BC MVA to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the regulations. The British Columbia Lighting Requirements Summary, created by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, is also a very useful reference guide. If you leave your vehicle`s fog lights on all the time, some might call you an idiot, and a driving expert says it can be downright dangerous, so turn it off. Ok, so *if* a pair of LED pods can be classified as « Spotlights », then is everything okay? What is the technical difference between auxiliary high beams and spotlights? Different from the way they are wired? He is responsible for driver training at the Alberta Motor Association and answers a few questions about lights after a listener on the show leaves him comments. I asked Cory of Westshore this question…… He seemed to think that a set of pods mounted below the height of the headlights and wired to their own independent switch would be « fine ». He said that all lamps mounted above the level of the headlights are considered « off-road ». I had bought 2″ round LED lamps for the front traffic lights and super bright signal…..

but they take the loose 2-pin plug on the back of the light…….. el-cheapo China scrap metal, no thanks. I see so many trucks in Victoria with LED light strips, opt-out lights, rear bumper lights, extra light on brush bars that I can`t imagine it`s a « problem » even though it`s illegal. I would suspect that the police would only act if they had a complaint, if they caught you driving with your light bar or baskets, or if they had another reason to want to harass you. It was probably sarcastic because you don`t have to trigger your gun during transport, it`s only when it`s stored that you can leave it hidden and unlocked – although not smart – in your vehicle and you`re completely legal – I don`t know anyone who keeps the lock on during shooting or chasing – maybe you don`t trust yourself hey – LOL hates it, However, being the poop of the party, LED light strips on vehicles that are either mounted on the roof or integrated into the grille are illegal while driving due to the very strong white light they emit. Light bars shall be fitted with covers while driving with the vehicle to ensure that they cannot be activated while the vehicle is in motion. Vehicles without an LED light strip cover will be fined $113.10, whether or not the lights are on, under section 4.25 of the Highway Traffic Act – Prohibited Lights. I myself am looking for new yellow 2-mode marking/signal lights. I need something I can mount on the body to replace the ones that will disappear with my old standard bumper when I have my new off-road bumper made.

I like the extra safety of a side-position light that serves as a turn signal because I almost hit a (stupid) cyclist who was trying to pass me once on the right while I was turning right, and then they all got angry with me and claimed that I should somehow give in to them if they are the ones breaking the law. Go figure. At least this way they can see the indicator clearly, even if they`re riding in tandem in front of my taillights (that`s also a stupid idea), so if they don`t see it or decide to pass anyway, it`s on them. The last thing I need is an idiot trying to sue me for injuries he suffered through his own negligence in order to drive properly, so a small investment in side marking/traffic lights and, of course, a dashcam system with real-time status indicators should go a long way to absolve me of any unreasonable responsibility for the stupidity and carelessness of others. « You want to turn on your headlights at all times, or a lot of vehicles have an automatic switch or a daytime running light switch, so turn it on. With most vehicles, if you rely on your daytime running lights without turning on the switch, you can have your dashboards on, but you don`t have your taillights on, » Wilson said. Guys, I want to put a 12″ light bar on my DD/exped rig. What are the laws regarding light bars in British Columbia? Do they need to be covered to roll on the sidewalk, like in an opaque blanket that can`t emit light? Or…… Would a translucent orange cover be considered « legal »? At least you can still use some of the light from the light bar through an orange lid if necessary.

« Actually an officer……. they are headlamps in accordance with section 4.24 of the Motor Vehicle Act, not auxiliary lamps. » Hmmmmm. Hmm, that`s interesting, Larry, so what about all the 18 wheels that have a million yellow (orange) lights in front? Just curious, you will be legal as long as they are installed, wired and operated in accordance with MVA regulations. Find the rules for lighting vehicles and make sure they are properly mounted and wired and that you are good. Auxiliary luminaires must be SAE or ECE certified to be compliant for highway use. Placing LED lamps behind lenses designed for halogen is illegal, the lens is not designed to focus the light emitted by an LED, they turn your headlights into a dazzling spotlight There are no legal height restrictions for mounting headlights, because if you read on, this explains why the beam should not touch the windows or mirrors of another vehicle – no restrictions on covers – the rules are a legal document that you go through what it says and don`t worry, it doesn`t say if it needs to be updated, it`s their job and the only ones that can effectively push what program they have, you`ll be penalized if you say something that says – you can`t do it in the regulations. I was arrested just outside Ladysmith on Monday and given a repair ticket within 14 days. The officer said all off-road lights had to be covered with an opaque cover.

The reason I stopped was when I changed my factory headlights to LEDs, forgot to aim at them correctly and he thought they were illegal. They were 3 inches tall at 25 feet. From there, he continued on the blankets and how any light, if they were not covered, would be fined a hundred and a little dollars. ridiculous! Needless to say, I ordered the lids and pointed my headlights down also said that he began to take action against them, as people use them on the street You can be stopped because the lights dazzle regardless of everyone`s safety, only grote currently makes an approved headlamp that is also sealed for use on the street, and a company called Brite lite I now has light strips with the SAE code on the lens that can be mounted on your bumper for auxiliary use, which means they can also be activated even with the high beams, it`s all in the Regs and CVSE lighting brochure « We want to make sure we drive with our lights straight, so we don`t dazzle other riders and we do our best, » Wilson told The Homestretch. For use on the road, a light bar should be covered, this is clearly indicated. I can live with IF I can still have decent pods. Someone here is fined for not having their LED pods [or other decent lights] wired into the high beam circle or otherwise harassed during traffic stops or get a VI based on your lighting screen? Note – Always check regional rules and regulations regarding the use of auxiliary traffic lights and fog lights for road traffic. Northern Light Bars is not responsible for improper assembly, targeting, wiring or regional restrictions.

Wilson says that if you don`t use daytime running lights properly, they can also be a problem. « I notice that this year there are many more people than usual with their lights on the high beams. I`m not just talking about the new fancy lights compared to the old lights, » David Keegan said in a phone message. All lenses must have marks point, SAE, ECE or they are not legal, there are also requirements of mounting height as well as the way they must be wired – everything is in the regulations under general lighting according to bc hwy regs It should be borne in mind that according to § 4 (25) of the Road Traffic Act « prohibited traffic lights » off the road must be covered even if they are equipped with the high beams of vehicles! However, if you say that. This is a grey area under the Highway Traffic Act and is at the discretion of each police officer. Police discretion is a vague term and therefore vaguely defined. It is defined as the decision-making power given to police officers, which allows them to decide whether to prosecute police officers or simply dismiss someone with a warning. What this looks like in practice varies from situation to situation. I read the section on motor vehicle laws on fires.

It appears that a vehicle may have auxiliary lights, fog lights, traffic lights, off-road lights and headlights. It stipulates that off-road lamps must be covered with an opaque cover, that fog lamps must be wired into the parking light circuit, that auxiliary lamps must be wired so that they are switched on only with high beams, but does not mention any specific requirements for traffic lights, except how/where they are aligned. I won`t deny it because there are so many grey areas when it comes to vehicle regulation. especially spare luminaires. I can only offer my experiences. personal and professional. Was it these two pods that he was referring to? These pods may be eligible for auxiliary driver lights if you target them as follows; I understand that all external LED lights should be covered when driving on paved roads.

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